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Discover the constructs that builds cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, and impact teen confidence!

Skills Development

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Ability to construct or organize ideas and thoughts in imaginative or original ways

Creativity is about a person’s ability to construct or organize ideas, thoughts and feelings in innovative and associative ways using imaginative power. Creativity is considered an important asset for solving individual, organizational and social problems.

Creativity helps students solve problems, produce or design things that are original, and define new questions

skills development creativity

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Ability to guide and encourage a group of people

Leadership is about developing skills necessary to exercise positive authority and influence over oneself and others. Developing strong leadership skills is an important way for young people to gain competence and confidence in their ability to effectively contribute in various life domains, including school, work, family and community life.

Leadership helps students increase self-confidence, take initiative, and motivate others to action

skills development leadership

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Student Agency
Capacity to reflect and take an active role in one’s own life

Student agency builds the critical thinking and problem solving skills students need to thrive. This keeps them engaged, as they take more ownership and responsibility, which helps them become autonomous.

Student Agency helps students set goals, initiate action toward their goals, reflect and progress efficiently

skills development student agency