Student Journey

A blended approach to learning has changed the educational landscape.

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The opportunity to reinvent traditional classroom interactions is where the CU Program creates a bridge

It helps administrators identify which students would benefit from more teacher-based support, while equipping students to become more self-regulated.

CUSA program

The ConnectU Program

A customizable Student Assessment Tool and a SMART Goal Curriculum that helps schools gain insights that accelerate student development. This promotes a growth mindset and improves student well-being.

Students experience a complete journey of reflection and self-regulation

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A customizable assessment that helps identify areas where students 11 to 18 can benefit from more support.

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A goal-setting curriculum that guides students in creating, reflecting on, and achieving goals.

Through the process of goal creation and reflection, the program helps students develop self-regulation and metacognitionPerry, J., Lundie, D., & Golder, G. (2019). Metacognition in schools: what does the literature suggest about the effectiveness of teaching metacognition in schools?. Educational Review, 71(4), 483-500.

This builds cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving, which positively impacts teen confidence and resilience.

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Development by Category

Discover a palette of growth constructs to choose from, within 4 key categories.

mental health
social emotional learning
skills development
social consciousness
  • Administrators get valuable insights about their students’ well-being.
  • Assessment results highlight strengths and opportunities across 4 categories.
  • These evidence-based characteristics are directly related to student character growth.
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Growth by Goal setting

  • Students create SMART goals and action items using an interactive, fun, flexible web-based app.
  • All progress is accessible through an intuitive dashboard that provides real-time student performance.

Growth by Goal setting, made easy!

The CU-SMART helps you focus on factors that impact students’ well-being and equips them to begin their SMART goal-setting journey.

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Assessment Results provide clarity on opportunity areas for each student, class or grade.

  • 4 categories of growth used in assessment
  • Results accessed through Dashboard
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Students can decide on an area of focus from our CU7 goal categories.

  • One goal must be Academic
  • Goal categories can be selected by the school
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Students create SMART goals, one step at a time, guided by our 6-week program.

  • 6-week program begins when dates are scheduled by teachers
  • Weekly homework assignments
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Students create 2 or more action items for each goal. Our app helps them track and plan their progress.

  • Progress tracked for each action item
  • Reminders sent about due dates
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Weekly self-reflection, regulation and planning, prompt students to adjustment as needed.

  • In-class planning, monitoring & evaluating activities
  • Weekly reflection times
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Goal Buddies (accountability partners) support students along their journeys.

  • Weekly check-in scheduled
  • Goal Buddy notified on student progress

Setting and achieving self-directed goals becomes relevant and fun when students really connect with them.