A better way to achieve goals is in good company.


the parris foundation

The Parris Foundation

strategic learning centre

Strategic Learning Clinic

maple leaf international school

Maple Leaf International School

“The results of the ConnectU Student Assessment helped us identify students who are experiencing personal challenges, whom we assumed were doing well. ConnectU is helping us uncover what lies beneath the surface”

Richard Rozario

Principal at Maple Leaf International
braemar college

Braemar College

“The ability to see quantifiable measures of our students’ Mental Health status, Social-Emotional Learning skills, Social Consciousness and Skill Development is invaluable to our program planning and intervention strategies.”

saint margaret school victoria

Saint Margaret’s School Victoria

sacred heart schol of montreal

Sacred Heart School of Montreal

“These goal setting techniques have helped our students build more confidence and resilience. The program has helped them become much more intentional about creating and achieving their goals, which will support them, beyond academic success.”

Erika Rath

Teacher at The Sacred Heart School, Montreal
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“The ECS vision to go beyond academic excellence resulted in a collaboration with ConnectU as a strategic partner of our innovative Entrepreneurial Platform. The insights and functionality of the Student Assessment tool (CUSA) gave ECS the opportunity to learn about each student’s level of Confidence, Resilience, and other key life learning skills. This helps the institution identify students who may need additional support in attaining their goals.

Moreover, it provides ECS powerful performance indicators that can be used to illustrate the degree of our students’ character development over their scholastic career.

We highly recommend the ConnectU Program to any institution looking for a better way to develop student performance.”

Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School (ECS)

the priory school

The Priory School