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A SMART Goals Curriculum, made easy to teach
Automated, Flexible & Easy to Use

This completely automated program means no additional resources are required from you –all lesson plans and student homework has been prepared in advance and is accessible on your Dashboard.

Pre-set your 6-week lesson plan schedule to coincide with your school’s calendar, holidays, and your existing curriculum.

automated flexible and easy to use
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Supported Success

Monitor student progress and class engagement in real time.

The CU-SMART Goal Program enables teachers with a value-added curriculum, without the additional preparation time – and with the support of a Student Growth Liaison!

This empowers teachers to easily incorporate goal setting curriculum standards.

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Evidence Based Programs

CU-SMART is designed in collaboration with educators, principals, educational and child psychologists, and psychometricians.

It promotes a growth mindset for students aged 12-18. Through the process of goal creation & reflection, it helps students develop self-regulation & metacognition.Perry, J., Lundie, D., & Golder, G. (2019). Metacognition in schools: what does the literature suggest about the effectiveness of teaching metacognition in schools?. Educational Review, 71(4), 483-500.

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Student Evolution

Through a complete journey of reflection and self-regulation, students are empowered to set and reach their goals.

This builds cognitive skills such as critical thinking, and problem-solving – which positively impacts teen confidence & resilience.

Setting Instructional goalsConzemius, A., & O’Neill, J. (2009). The power of SMART goals: Using goals to improve student learning. Solution Tree Press.
also positively impacts students’ social emotional learning.

Related StudyConzemius, A., & O’Neill, J. (2009). The power of SMART goals: Using goals to improve student learning. Solution Tree Press.

student evolution