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Better mental health builds student well-being.

Anxiety, bullying and stress are having a devastating impact on student’s mental health. These constructs support mental health.

Mental Health

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Ability to recover quickly from challenges or difficulties

Refers to the capacity to quickly recover from difficult situations, or easily adjust to misfortune, change, or setbacks. It involves keeping a survivor mindset, staying focused and cultivating a belief in one’s ability to cope.

Resilience helps students absorb stress and keep the tenacity and strength required to navigate tough situations

mental health resiliance

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General belief in one’s own abilities

A feeling of self-assurance that comes from one’s appreciation of their own abilities or qualities. This is necessary for the development of one’s social skills, and helps them reach their full potential.

Confidence helps students keep a positive mindset, both inside and outside the classroom

mental health confidence

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Ability to be kind and understanding of oneself, including personal flaws and when things do not go well

It is often defined as the practice of quieting our inner critic, replacing it with a voice of support and understanding. The development of self-compassion often increases motivation, since one’s internal value doesn’t depend on external achievement, thereby allowing for more risk-taking and goal-setting.

Self-Compassion helps students experience more well-being and less distress as a result of their studies or adolescence

mental health self compassion