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Managing emotions puts relationships in motion.

Student’s social relations affect their feeling of connectedness at school and beyond, impacting their overall sense of academic competence.

Social Emotional Learning

adaptability icon
Capacity to adjust and respond appropriately to changing circumstances

Adaptability is about a person’s capacity to adjust and respond appropriately to changing circumstances and situations. Adaptability is an important developmental skill for coping and responding to the ever-changing circumstances and conditions of life.

Adaptability helps students adjust behavior, thinking, and emotions when experiencing change, novelty, or uncertainty

social and emotional learning adaptability

independence icon
Ability to rely on one’s own effort and judgements

Independence is about a person’s ability to rely on their own effort and abilities. It includes independence in thinking, the ability to strive towards goals, and embracing individuality. Independence is an important development skill for problem solving and decision-making, self acceptance, and feeling confident in oneself and in one’s abilities.

Independence helps students: feel confident about their decisions and abilities

social and emotional learning independence

social esteem icon
Social Esteem
Belief in one’s own ‘social worth’

Refers to a person’s belief in his/her own ‘social worth’ but resembles ease or comfort in getting along with people of their own age, as well as large groups of people. Both online or offline, it’s the way our social lives affect how we feel about ourselves.

Social Esteem helps students: feel proud of and accepted for what they can do, even when they make mistakes

social and emotional learning social esteem

thoughtfulness icon
Ability to be mindful of others’ and one’s own behaviors

The act of being kind and treating other people as important, paying attention to them, reflecting on the situation, and then choosing to act in a purposeful and loving way.

Thoughtfulness helps students become more contemplative, reflective and treat others with respect

social and emotional learning thoughtfullness