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SEL Micro Learning – A Research Project Worth Learning About

The ConnectU Program (CUP) is an evidence-based SEL software designed to improve student well-being and academic performance. As part of our ongoing commitment to the development and testing of evidence-based education, ConnectU has developed a SEL research project.

7 Reasons Why Micro Learning Helps Students

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Customizable psychometric tool, with 14 possible construct choices
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SMART Goal Setting App that supports students’ learning & development
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Enables goals to be more measurable on a visible level
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Shows ongoing progress in real time
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Improves assessment score and GPA
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Incorporates parent-approved accountability partner
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Self-paced learning for more efficiency

Consider the following observations stemming from the pandemic:

  • On Oct. 19, 2021, the American Association of Pediatrics declared a national emergency in children’s mental health. They cited soaring rates of depression, anxiety, trauma, and loneliness.
  • Throughout the pandemic students experienced varying degrees of trauma, and lack of SEL resulted in further damage to emotional health. Part of an educator’s job is to focus not only on a student’s academic work, but also on their well-being. (Yildirim, Y., et al. 2021).

The ConnectU Program is comprised of two components that addresses the impact on students:

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A proprietary psychometric tool which measures 13 constructs, including: confidence, resilience, self-compassion that are directly related to student performance and well-being.

This allows schools to identify areas for improvement and to evaluate which students may be struggling with their mental health.
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A 6-week self-paced curriculum that guides students in creating, reflecting and attaining their goals across 7 categories, including: academic, social, and personal goals.

This empowers them to cultivate metacognitive skills, using Micro Learning Modules.

The proposed research is geared to address three research questions:


To what extent do changes in the CUSA construct scores correlate with changes in KPI’s such as GPA, graduation rates, absenteeism, rates of depression, enrollment in advanced courses, reduction in anxiety, etc.?


What effect does the CU-SMART program have on construct scores?


How does achievement in each goal category such as academics, social life, behavior, health, community, and others, effect construct scores and KPI’s?

Research Methods and Hypotheses are available upon request.

Duration of research:

1 to 3 years

Focal countries:


Clarification questions:

Clarification questions should be submitted via email, and all questions received will be answered within 48 hours.

Why Partner in the CUP Research Project?


Address the growing need to adopt tools that can help educators support their students with SEL.


Give administrators and teachers the ability to better connect with their students in hybrid or remote learning environments.